Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year!
Our meetings will begin next week and we are looking ahead to a year of wonderful activities starting with the month of September. 
First things first, we have a Welcome Bag for you that includes helpful supplies for our group activities. We will schedule a quick drop-off with each family this upcoming week to get those to you.

Ready to start…let’s jump in!!

Group Meeting | Thursday, Sept. 10

In our opening meeting, we are looking forward to “Getting to Know You.” Our activities will be centered around Graphic Design and Product Design. Please have available the paper gift bag found in your welcome bag along with crayons and markers, which is also included.

Club Day | Thursday, Sept. 17

This Centuries Club the spotlight will be on African American Visual Artists: Jacob Lawrence, Romare Bearden, Augusta Savage, Alma Thomas.

Group Meeting | Thursday, Sept. 24

We will focus on storytelling: some stories can be funny, some serious, some exciting. Come to the group with a story from your life—either written or something you can describe to share with the group. Demonstrate different book cover examples. Take time to design a cover for the story.


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