Welcome back, GPCH Friends! I hope that you have enjoyed Christmas and the New Year with your families and were able to unplug and refresh.

We have come to our annual STEM month! January’s activities are all about Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math! We will integrate these concepts throughout our activities and focus on INVENTING. Great activities are in store and we are excited to see how the students interpret what they are learning into their own projects. 

Also this month, we are starting a new Oratorical program. Students 3rd-8th grade will have an opportunity to learn oratory skills by reciting one of the speeches of Martin Luther King, Jr. culminating in a video presentation that will be part of an Oratory Festival. Don’t forget to sign up by this Friday!

Wishing you a wonderful year,

Ja’Near Garrus

During the month of January, we will learn the Engineering Design process (Ask, Imagine, Plan, Create, Improve/Reflect) and create an invention to enter into the Rube Goldberg 2021 Machine Contest* which is an international competition. The goal is to create a machine that shakes and pours a box of NERDS candy for the final step.

Activities will include an introduction to the Engineering Design Process, simple machines, and learning about the inventor, Rube Goldberg.

For Centuries and Maker’s Clubs, students will learn about African-American Inventors like Madame CJ Walker, Lonnie Anderson, and Patricia Bath and will continue to design and build their Rube Goldberg Machine.

Our month will conclude with our annual GPCH STEAM Fair! We will start with our Rube Goldberg project check-in before starting the fair presentations.

During our virtual science fair, children will present on a science topic of their choice or conduct a demonstration to show the group.

Older students should use the scientific method or engineering design process as a guide for presenting their information.

Presentations may be live, pre-recorded, PowerPoint, a project board, or other mediums of choice.

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